Client Experiences

"The difference in my body is astronomical. 3 months. 90 days. I’ve seen more of a body change eating regularly and eating big meals and enjoying myself thoughtfully with food than I ever did starving myself... I am finally enjoying working out. I’ve gotten so much more out of a 45 min lifting session than I’ve ever gotten out of an hour and half of cardio. For the first time, I’m not burnt out. Thank you for already changing my life. That’s really the truth of it. You’ve given me such a blessing in my life of letting me love myself again. And that rules."

— Julia, Client

"I can’t begin to say how invaluable this experience has beenErica’s commitment to my process of reaching the goals I have set for myself has never wavered, and I feel consistent support and encouragement every step of the way. Her feedback and advice is always incredibly timely, and it is as if she is in the gym (or kitchen) with me. I can honestly say I have never felt more physically or mentally strong in my life!"

— Ryann, Client

"If you want to achieve things you never dreamed possible, Erica is your girl. Erica practices everything she preaches.. Don’t let her size fool you! She’s a pint sized powerhouse, can outlift half the guys in the gym, and will do it with an adorable smile, handstand, and a celebratory high kick at the end. She’s a living example of the power of consistency."

— Julie, Client & Certified Personal Trainer

“It’s really been amazing, I feel good… I’m not depriving myself of anything. But at the same time I’ve lost about 10 pounds... The most surprising part for me so far has been the ease of it. It feels sustainable. It doesn’t feel like I’ve done anything like, extraordinary to change. It just all felt very natural. I’m picking up weights and lifting things and squatting and pull ups and I’m like I didn’t know I could do those things. THAT’S FUN! Who would’ve thought?! So, it’s been really cool. I already feel so much better and more confident and, yeah, I’m just excited to see what else can happen.”

— Stephanie, Client

I’ve lost 8 pounds. AND I lost a lot of inches! Like an inch or two EVERYWHERE! I’m maintaining that loss and I’m definitely not eating as strict as I was in the beginning. I feel like my relationship with food has completely changed and I don’t have that guilt anymore after meals. Which is big. I’m definitely stronger. When we first started, my husband had a pull up bar, and he said 'let’s see you do a pull up', and I just dangled. And yesterday I actually got halfway. I couldn’t even hang on the bar before! So much of what was causing me stress and anxiety and like extra things I was carrying around with me was surrounded by weight, body image, and my eating, and I feel like that’s so much brain space, when we’re able to work through that, so it feels like a therapy session.”

Leanna, Client

I’m officially down 20 pounds! I’ve been working with Erica for awhile, but didn’t consistently start working out two days a week until about 6 months ago. Thanks, Erica! First pic in the stitch is from July 4th, the shorts hardly fit on my body and now they’re falling off. Such a good feeling”

Amanda, Client

"I was feeling so insecure and sheltered with my body because of pain and injuries. I went from not really understanding where I was weak and why, to understanding the areas of my body that truly are my foundation and understanding how to not only warm them up and work them out, but then taking that and applying it to my rehearsal setting where I’ve used a lot of that in my warm ups to go into rehearsals which makes me feel stronger in my rehearsals and my work which then makes my worker better because I’m altogether more confident When I started I had zero upper body strength. I remember doing push ups on a deep incline and now I’m on the floor! I can show up for myself 3 times a week for a 40-45min including warmup shindig and still see results. I didn’t think that’s what exercise was. I thought I needed someone to be tough on me because I’m really tough on me. and I have learned what I need sometimes is someone to be loving and understanding and encouraging. It’s nice to work with somebody who approaches what they do with passion and love and encouragement and not necessarily with the whip. What I think is great about you is you are discerning and can tell what is helpful in certain moments and other moments I see what someone is going through and I see that I just need to be encouraging. So, yeah, thank you for that."

Tali, Client

"My goals were to lose some weight but more importantly strengthen my core and improve my mobility. Within months of training with her, I had lost weight in addition to shrinking my chest, abs, waist and thighs. I had to finally go to the tailor to have my suit pants taken in by 3 inches. Over the next few months these improvements continued and my body shape completely transformed to the extent all my family and friends noticed and complimented me. I became stronger and my mobility and flexibility significantly improved. I am now able to do things that I had never imagined. Training with her has been a life changing experience."

Vishal, Client

"I have worked with a number of personal trainers over the years and Erica is top-notch and a true professional. She takes into account my goals, barriers and triggers and has a disciplined approach to helping me get fit and achieve overall wellness. She is an educator who is constantly learning different techniques, and impresses me with the amount of knowledge she possesses. She is also a disciplined advocate of setting achievable but ambitious targets for me, and a great cheerleader as I progress towards my goals. Erica is a believer in well-being for the longer-term, and I would recommend her without hesitation."

— Grace, Client

"Honestly, props to you. I've never done a handstand before. Everyone needs a trainer. Everyone needs an Erica."

— Brooke, Client

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