The ultimate home workout solution
Use Your Body to Get Strong, Lean, & Powerful

This 6-Week Online Training Program utilizes a powerful variety of Bodyweight exercises to help you:
Burn Calories, Build Muscle, & Gain Strength

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Is This You?

  • Has quarantine left you feeling stiff, sedentary, sluggish, & heavier than you would like?
  • Are you all maxed out of random free group exercise instagram lives?
  • Are you struggling to stick to a consistent exercise routine?
  • Are you confused with where to start and feeling unmotivated to work out?
  • Have you been waiting for quarantine to end to start working out… but realizing that the new norm is here to stay?
  • Feeling out of shape?
  • Do you wish you could be leaner, stronger, and have more energy?
  • Do you want to increase your mobility and not have so many aches and pains from your sedentary lifestyle?
  • Ready to finally feel amazing & accomplished on the regular?!

It can seem so hard to get started...
without the right program!

  • Pursuing endless amounts of cardio, feeling bored and frustrated?
  • Trying all kinds of virtual group fitness classes, but not seeing results?
  • Not sure of how to challenge yourself by utilizing proper variables to maximize caloric burn, build lean muscle, & see the definition & results you want?

I got you! The solution is The Ultimate Bodyweight Experience!

NO EQUIPMENT REQUIRED… except your own body!

New norm, new YOU.

When Quarantine hit, my clients wanted to:

  • Increase lean body mass
  • Lose body fat
  • Increase energy
  • Increase mobility
  • Gain strength

The Ulimate Body Weight Experience did that and more for so many clients!

In addition to helping clients cut body fat (yes, even in quarantine!), This program helped clients to:

  • get stronger
  • increase mobility
  • increase in energy

As a result, they have found a new love and purpose for strength training in their lives.

Now, there’s no excuse when you can do it from home!

Being able to get the full benefits of a powerful program from home has been a game changer for so many!

Maybe you didn’t think you had the time or means to work out with a great program before… but NOW YOU CAN! And all from the comfort of your own home!


The Ultimate Bodyweight Experience is a 6-week program that uses powerful bodyweight movements to strengthen, define, & challenge your body!

It uses a combination of compound movements, core work, glute work to build an efficient & well rounded program that will work your whole body!

This program is for the beginner to intermediate level individual who is looking for a smart strength program to get strong & lean.


from EVFit Clients 

"I can’t begin to say how invaluable this experience has been... I can honestly say I have never felt more physically or mentally strong in my life!"

— Ryann, Client

"If you want to achieve things you never dreamed possible, Erica is your girl. Erica practices everything she preaches... Don’t let her size fool you! She’s a pint sized powerhouse, can outlift half the guys in the gym, and will do it with an adorable smile, handstand, and a celebratory high kick at the end. She’s a living example of the power of consistency."

— Julie, Client & Certified Personal Trainer

"My goals were to lose some weight but more importantly strengthen my core and improve my mobility. Within months of training with her, I had lost weight in addition to shrinking my chest, abs, waist and thighs. I had to finally go to the tailor to have my suit pants taken in by 3 inches. Over the next few months these improvements continued and my body shape completely transformed to the extent all my family and friends noticed and complimented me. I became stronger and my mobility and flexibility significantly improved. I am now able to do things that I had never imagined. Training with her has been a life changing experience."

— Vishal, Client

"I have worked with a number of personal trainers over the years and Erica is top-notch and a true professional. She takes into account my goals, barriers and triggers and has a disciplined approach to helping me get fit and achieve overall wellness. She is an educator who is constantly learning different techniques, and impresses me with the amount of knowledge she possesses. She is also a disciplined advocate of setting achievable but ambitious targets for me, and a great cheerleader as I progress towards my goals. Erica is a believer in well-being for the longer-term, and I would recommend her without hesitation."

— Grace, Client

Buy The Ultimate Bodyweight Experience NOW!


I have been training clients for over 7 years, & this professional program is the solution to getting next level results from home - especially in today’s climate!

...And at less cost than a single training session!!

My background in both strength training, gymnastics, & dance (as a musical theatre performer & pole dancer) are the basis of my expertise in utilizing body weight for serious strength & results!

I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified trainer & have spent many years studying, training & teaching a wide variety of strength modalities: from barbells, kettlebells, rings, free weights, & strict body weight calisthenics, this program will combine all that knowledge to bring you the absolute best possible results - using only bodyweight training... FROM HOME!

The Ultimate Bodyweight Experience!